Enough Is Enough With The Big Ten Love

By Richard Kent, Staff Reporter

Big Ten basketball is dramatically overrated.

It has been for years and incredibly has not produced a National Champion since Michigan State in 2000.

And before that, one must go back to Michigan in 1989.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

UConn, now in the Big East again has won three such titles and Villanova two since then.

Last year the Big Ten bombed-out almost completely with only Michigan making it into the Sweet 16.

And now the Big East is beating the Big Ten in the Gavitt Games. 3-3 to start. And one was a huge upset. Marquette beat No. 10 Illinois at home for the first win of substance in the brand new Shaka Smart era.

 The Big Ten has residences in most of the major media markets and as such gets most of the national publicity.

At least to date this year, one can easily anoint the Big 12 as the best and deepest conference.

Even the toughest at the top with defending National Champions Baylor, Texas, and Kansas leading the way.

And the Big East deserves plaudits with UConn, St. John’s, Villanova, Seton Hall, and Xavier all playing a very good brand of basketball.

Let’s take a more comprehensive look in April, but it appears like only Michigan has a chance to cut down the nets in New Orleans.

Stay tuned.

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