Power Rankings: Ivy League Men’s Hoops

By Richard Kent, Staff Reporter

Through Monday’s games

1. Yale: The eye test still says they are tops. KenPom agrees. And Azar Swain is the best Ivy hooper. Jalen Gabbidon has been a stud. Need EJ Jarvis back inside.

2. Princeton: Getting scoring both outside from Ethan Wright and inside as well. Can be high octane. Great win over Oregon State.

3. Harvard: Was playing to expectations until an awful road loss to then winless Siena. Still very talented.

4. Brown: Best frontcourt in the Ivy by far. Ask UNC. And that was without Tamenang Choh.

5. Cornell: That Colgate win is looking even better with the 15-point Colgate win over Syracuse. Played Penn State tough on the road.

6. Penn: Well, they do have some talent. But George Mason exposed them.

7. Dartmouth: The upset win at Georgetown stands out.

8. Columbia: Well coached, but lacking talent inside and overall depth. Could be a long season at Morningside Heights. And someone needs to finish last.

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