It’s time to demand the NFL pull its games off Fox TV

By Patrick Freeman, TV Executive & CEO of the International Branding & Image Firm: MORE MEDIA LLC based in NYC

BUFFALO — The National Football League has just negotiated one of the largest sports broadcasting
contracts in history with Fox sports being one of its major outlets. The reckless reporting of Fox
News for a number of years without taking any form of accountability is fueling hate in this

Do you believe it is time to make the demand that the NFL pull their games from this
network entity that is contributing to the environment that is putting people of color at risk?
The majority of the athletes in the NFL are African Americans yet the NFL helps a network
that heavily contributes to the cultural divide of this country.

It is sad that very few players or leaders have yet to make this demand, but it is time to hold all parties responsible for this growing list of tragedies with the most recent in my home city of Buffalo, New York.

Ten families and a community reeling profusely from the reckless reporting of Fox News that has
continued to report recklessly for years leading to the suffering of different cultural groups
around this country.

Responsible reporting requires credible fact-checking before one puts information out in the stratosphere. The whole purpose of the news portion of this network is to promote an agenda that has led to a rise of extremist views, and groups that have been targeting cultural groups that they perceive as a threat.

Fox News has fueled workplace discomfort solely to boost their base support ratings that fuel this extremist behavior which has once again reared its ugly head in the community of Buffalo, New York.

The NFL should now threaten to remove their games from this network unless they change the accountability of their news reporters. What surprises me the most is the lack of demand for entities that do business with this network to push for accountable changes in this network’s reporting policies that are fueling hate around this country.

Pat Freeman is a veteran journalist based out of Western New York. Please check out his YouTube channel, “Pat Freeman, The Mighty O’ba” and his podcast, “PRO TALK” which comes on with new programming weekly

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