Butt Ugly Uniforms of the NHL

By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter


In the butt ugly category, my homestate New Jersey Devils lead the way… with the N and J on the front of the sweater the J had horns and a tail. Christmas colors dominated the jersey the first years in New Jersey. Green, white, and Red, happen to be the Devils main colors, the catholic sisters who went to the games often in the Meadowlands with the convent across the hi-way told the Devils administration that they would never win wearing those Christmas colors and with that name Devils, the organization wanted to recognize the myth of the Jersey Devil in the South Jersey woodlands near the New Jersey Garden State Parkway which some people have claimed to see.

This team was created out of two other expansion teams that merged into one, the Kansas City Scouts and the first Colorado Rockies, not to be confused with the current baseball team. New Jersey never won until they went with the Black, Red, and white uniform. Just when you think it could not get worse the All-Star Devil’s goalie Martin Brodeur designed a third sweater, Black and white with the word Jersey on the front.

The Arizona Coyotes what kind of logo is that in the middle of their uniform and the colors don’t match anything and don’t tell me that thing in the middle of their jersey is a coyote. The Coyotes came from the Winnipeg Jets in 1996-1998. They completely change the uniform to the desert motif of purple, red, green, and white with the modern art coyote in the middle. The howling Red wolf in the middle of their sweater is so much better.  


The Minnesota Wild like all of the Minnesota teams have a love for those dark evergreen colors, this logo is very interesting with the creation of the wolf, the river making the mouth of the wolf, with the north star the eye of the wolf, sun set, and forest full of trees, in the middle of the sweater.

One of the latest expansion teams joined the league in 2000 as they were introduced the song “Born to Be Wild,” by Steppenwolf. When the team scored a goal, they would blast the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy,” The Wild would replace the Minnesota North Stars that moved to Dallas.


Vancouver Canucks– The Canucks became the Canadian northwest team in 1970 with the ocean colors of blue, green, with white trim. Vancouver’s first logo was the Stick-in-Rink logo that formed a ‘C’ from 1970-1978.


Then came the V jerseys with the black, yellow, and brunt orange a few years before the Flying Skate sweaters. The Canucks became Canada’s first team to have three jerseys, White, Black and brunt orange.

Vancouver returned to the blue, green, and white jerseys in 2001 with the big C and the killer orca whale on the front.


Edmonton Oilers-The 2021-22 jersey’s need to be retired. Are they on drugs, the new uniforms were very difficult to see the name of players, the logo, or the name of the team when the lights are turned on the ice, The Oilers need to return to the WHA uniform days of number 99 and Grant Fuhr

Colorado Avalanche– The Aves a.k.a Nordiques moved from Quebec, Canada to Denver, Colorado. The Nordiques would move west in 1972 and the Western Conference. The current Aves should have stayed with the black and blue uniforms, which happen to be their best uniform, but because of the gang ties to the west coast they had to abandon this sweater. The current uniform is a off purple and blue with the big A in the middle of the sweater with a snow wave coming down. Not very imaginative but it works with the snow avalanches in the winter in the Rockies


Anaheim Ducks-the Mighty Ducks sweater, a cartoon character does not fit hockey team. The off purple or plum and teal colors, an awful combination together. The Ducks have come up with a few more bad sweaters in the past 20 years, maybe they need to change the name of the team because nobody is scared of a duck but they can be very pesky and they got that right because Anaheim can be seen every year in the playoffs of the western conference.

New York Islanders– the Fisherman sweater or Fish stick sweater was a terrible mistake and the colors were way off, the Islanders were the butt of many hockey jokes for two years from coast to coast. Calling them the Gorden’s Fishermen at least that company got unwanted publicity and sold some food off of the Islanders.

New York Ranger – Winnipeg Jet sweater. The new Jets president took this design and made it their own while the Rangers dropped the sweater after two years. When the Rangers played the Jets, it became very confusing because they looked alike on the ice, only the Rangers red pains and the Jets blue pants separated them. The Rangers would return to the old style with the diagonal name and has stayed with it.


The Hartford Whalers with that slime lime green, gray, and white with blue trim. The Whalers wanted to be different and put the big whale tail fin in the front of their sweater with a W. Many fans loved this logo, I’m not one of them. The Hartford organization would move the team to North Carolina and joined the red, white, and black uniform club with the Hurricane name.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad News Network Disabled Community Activist. Email at


©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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