Since 1999, sports fans from all around the globe have come to depend on the Black Athlete Sports Network (BASN) as the most reliable provider of information about Black athletes and their involvement in sports.
As “The Soul Of Sports”, BASN has chronicled the past, present, and future actions of the most unique being in all of sports — the Black athlete. Whether it be the Negro Leagues or the major leagues, the golf course or the tennis courts, or everything in between, our staff of writers and historians not only inform but entertain.
BASN has a global long-term relationship with Internet savvy sports fans. On the other hand, time, variety, and consistency have also earned BlackAthlete.net a niche market position as the definitive source of information about Blacks in sports at all levels.
While we seek to broaden our message and our audience, we will never sway from our unflinching tenacity of reporting and analysis. We’ve never tried to be like anyone else. And that alone has made BASN unique in our approach and outlook.
When the late Rube Foster began the Negro Leagues in 1920, his motto was “We are the ship, all else the sea”. That common and firm thinking mindset has sustained BASN and will continue to sustain us forever.
Anthony McClean, Editor In Chief Emeritus