Union Dues By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor -in-Chief basnnewsroom.com   PHILADELPHIA (www.basnnewsroom.com) With less than three weeks before the National Football League’s exhibition season, the issue that will not go away continues to fester.   Knowing there are not (in my humble opinion) 32 quarterbacks better than Colin Kaepernick playing in the NFL right […]

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‘Boards and Bootstraps

‘Boards and Bootstraps By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor BASN           SAN JOSE, CA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”   It is a phrase I have heard often in my lifetime; usually out of the mouths of annoyed white people – or condescending non – white ones.   […]

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Allen’s Eleven

Allen’s Eleven  By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor BASN         PHILADELPHIA (BASN?BASN NEWSROOM) Still not having recovered from the bullshit that was the NFL Draft, we at BASN are annoyed that the “analysis” after the fact is even more anal than prior to – which translates to this event being a very […]

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Drama…Guaranteed! By Gary Norris Gray and Michael – Louis Ingram BASN     PHILADELPHIA (BASN – Soul Tree Radio/ITR): The Philadelphia Eagles released wideout DeSean Jackson. That was not the problem; it was what the Eagles organization, ESPN, and 94.1FM WIP-radio, the Philadelphia sports station stated.   That number 10 DeSean Jackson had gang ties […]

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