The Strength of Doc Rivers

The Strength of Doc Rivers By Gary Norris Gray and Art George BASN         OAKLAND (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): In June 2013, less than a year ago, Glenn “Doc” Rivers was hired by the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team as coach and senior vice president of basketball operations; a big job, worth $7 million […]

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The NBA’s Failed Legacy

The NBA Failed Legacy By Patrick Freeman Special to BASN       BUFFALO, NY: Immediately following the TMZ release of the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racially charged remarks many NBA players were debating on how to demonstrate their displeasure. They are unlike Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul – Jabbar, Muhammad Ali and […]

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Members Only By Anthony McClean, Editor – in – Chief Emeritus BASN       NEW HAVEN, CT (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): Once again, the sports media world has been thrown into a tizzy since the revelations of the Donald Sterling tapes came out over the past 72 hours or so. The TMZ originated reports have been […]

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