By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter Everybody was giving each other the high fives and back-slapping each other with two African American quarterbacks in the Super Bowl but there is an elephant in the room tearing up all the furniture. The Washington Football Club and the Kansas City Chiefs made it very clear… We don’t […]


BASN’s NFL Field Generals Report: First Quarter Review

By Anthony McClean, Editor-In-Chief Emeritus For the second time in the last three seasons since we debuted the Field Generals Report, at least a dozen (13 in fact) black/minority quarterbacks started on Opening Day. Unfortunately, many have already been dealt with injury setbacks, questionable play calling, and the all too familiar double-standard of media scrutiny […]

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By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter Your honor, I accuse the American Sports media of character assassination in the first degree! This week, Major League Baseball celebrates the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson entering the major leagues. We also celebrated the return to golf by Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods at the Masters in Georgia. This all […]

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The NFL Must Face The Facts

By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter The NFL’s coaching merry-go-round started with Former Miami Dolphin head coach Brian Flores going to court to file a Civil Rights Law Suit against the New York Football Giants, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins, for racial discrimination. An earthquake shook the National Football League from coast to coast. The […]

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